Signing up for the Fashion Detox has made me reflect on my shopping habits and assess my current wardrobe. I have never been an intense shopper, but there is something nice about spending money on something new and proudly carrying the shopping bag around like a prize. From an early age, my mother instilled the value of being a good bargain shopper in me, and still to this day, my mother is a clearance bin pro. I rarely buy things for full price. I love the thrill of the hunt in the clearance section or in a thrift store. When I was employed I found myself much more willing to buy items fairly frequently with my new disposable income. Online shopping eliminated the sting of actually having to hand over cash or your card. Getting several packages delivered to my apartment was the norm and made me feel warm inside. I was shopping for more professional clothing items to wear after graduation.

Now I find myself recently unemployed to focus on my senior year and with that, no disposable income. A few times I have splurged on items and then paid the price by eating ramen for the last week of the month. Now I think in terms of food. I can either buy that sweater or buy a week’s worth of groceries. With the looming big move out of my apartment, I have realized that having an expansive wardrobe is a pain to deal with. I accepted the Fashion Detox challenge to reevaluate my shopping habits and what it means to have a smart wardrobe instead of a large wardrobe.