I don’t know about other people, but sometimes I just get a hankering to spend some money. How often? Often enough to where my wallet always seems to be empty. I’ve been like this my whole life. Growing up my brother and I would get an allowance every week and every week my brother would save his in his stash and I would go spend mine as fast as I received it.
I would say I shop at least once every two weeks. I don’t always buy things when I go shopping, but I just love the experience of escaping from the “real world” for a bit and entering a world of beautiful things. It really is like therapy for me. I think what really inspires me is color and texture. I really just like to dress differently than my friends. I would say I am pretty modest and I focus on things that I will be comfortable in, but I never let comfort hold me back if something is extremely cute and not comfortable! I think it is boring when everyone dresses in the latest fad. Everyone just looks the same, and no two people are the same so I don’t think they should dress as such. I would say I like to stay trendy, but I don’t base what I wear solely on the latest trend. I really like classic pieces and I try and work that into my every day style.
I decided to accept this challenge to save on money. What college kid is rich? You are right, none. I thought this would be a good way for me to really see where my money goes and how much I really do spend on apparel and accessory items. There are so many people out there that are so much worse off than I am and I take what I have for granted every day of my life. I think this process will really make me appreciate what I have and not take material possessions so much for granted.