“I have nothing to wear!” This is the phrase you could hear me screaming from miles away. It seems like every time I start to get ready to go out, or for an event… or even get ready for a typical day, my hundreds of clothes turn into old rags that I wouldn’t be caught dead in. My solution to this problem? SHOPPING!

I am just a typical college student with an overflow of bills, trying to get by on a minimum wage job, so I don’t have a lot of cash to spar. But when I do, you better believe most of it goes toward new fashion items. Granted, I don’t shop at the most high- end stores, in fact I get a rush finding special pieces in discount and half price stores. Either way, I know even that little bit of money would be better put in a savings account. But I can’t help myself; I love how the purchase of a new item just makes me feel better, and stops the cash from burning a hole in my wallet.

Needless to say not being able to shop for 13 weeks… an entire season, has made me very nervous. In fact when the challenge was presented in class I could hear my Dad clapping and yelling “ Yahoo, It’s about time you stop spending money on clothes!” But I just rolled my eyes and thought no thank you. However, after taking some time to think about it I decided this would be a great way to hold myself accountable and really start saving, as well as further tap into my creativity in reusing and recycling my wardrobe. I just hope I won’t be yelling throughout the entire challenge, “I have nothing to wear!”