Right when I heard about this sustainable living challenge of not buying any fashion related item for 13 weeks I instantly got anxiety! But, I am accepting to do this challenge because it will teach me to not always buy things I don’t need and actually wear ALL the clothes in my over-flowing closet.

My shopping habits are spontaneous based on the excited feeling I get when I can’t pass up a good bargain. So, I couldn’t imagine seeing such a great sale and walking by for 13 weeks! I love online “browsing” not always shopping, just more wishing, but then I eventually will buy similar products that I see in the store. Sometimes I shop just because it makes me feel better, or for a specific occasion or something I saw someone wear and I have to find a similar product. Usually my Sister, Mom and I go on shopping trips a few times a year and buy lots of fashion merchandise, then throughout the year I buy a few pieces here and there. So hopefully this challenge will help me realize how much I spend on clothes and if I REALLY need them or not. It is going to be hard at times, but one semester won’t be that long.