“You are not allowed to buy anything fashion-related for the next four months.”
Okay, so to give you a little background…I have a serious shopping addiction. However, I don’t really enjoy shopping because I hate trying to find clothing apparel that fits my body perfectly. My closet is full, absolutely no wiggle room in that thing! I think a huge reason why I have came about this shopping addiction, this impulse to spend money or buy things is because of my job. I work part-time at a clothing store.
Although, the next four so months are going to be difficult to say the least, I am actually going to put in effort not to shop for pleasure until summer. It kind of works out perfectly cause I have been aching to save money but always find myself wasting my money away on pointless things. This project will give me reason and good reason to stay away from shopping. I have really been wanting to save up for a car of my own and this is the perfect opportunity to do so.
Financially, I’m on my own besides my rent money so I have done well in the last 6 months saving my money after long hours of work and I want to keep my financial standings at a good level or at least a decent level. Groceries are expensive and don’t even get me started on gas! Phew!
Anyways, this is the first week of my “fashion detoxing” so to speak so I have obviously done good! However, I haven’t really shopped in about a month because I haven’t felt the urge honestly. Surprising, I know. To be honest though, I really think spending money on expensive clothes to impress others is a waste of money and time. I think all of us can agree, there are a lot more interesting, life-thrilling things to spend money on rather than the high-fashion apparel.