Ok, I’ll admit that when Dr. LeHew first introduced the Fashion Detox project I was like, “No way!” It was a gut reaction, what can I say? But after thinking about it for a second I realized that I had to do it. You see, I’m incredibly passionate about the environment and want to use my degree in Apparel Marketing to become a major leader in the sustainable apparel movement. I’ve even recently been nominated for the Udall Scholarship, which is a national scholarship for undergraduate students who want to dedicate their future careers to environmental efforts. Obviously if I want to go into this area of the industry I can’t just sit around telling other people they need to buy less; I’m not a hypocrite. And so, here I am, joining my fellow classmates in this experiment. I’m excited to see how it goes!

Actually, my shopping habits aren’t all that exciting to begin with. My favorite shopping buddy is my sister, but she’s a freshman at the University of Dallas and isn’t readily available for weekend shopping trips. I’m also pretty busy at the moment with school (academics are really important to me), searching for internships, and finishing my Udall Scholarship application, so I don’t think I’ll have too much free time to agonize over not buying any new clothes. At least until Spring Break… I’m going to England for Spring Break to visit the friends I made while studying abroad at the University of Reading last year, and I’m just warning you now- that might break my willpower! There’s this amazing vintage shop that I found while living there.

Anyway, even when I do go shopping I don’t buy something unless I absolutely love it. I started in Apparel Design here at K-State, and when you know how things are supposed to be made I think it makes you a little more nit-picky about fit and construction. Mostly I shop at secondhand stores—Savers, Goodwill, Buffalo Exchange—or vintage places. My sister and I do like going to the mall too (I never let her go into Forever 21 though!) but I find it hard to purchase things there; I feel too guilty. I’m usually motivated to go shopping when I become bored with the clothes I have, which is actually something that’s been happening lately, so I can’t wait for spring to come soon.

Well, that’s all for now. Good luck to everyone else starting the Fashion Detox!

Until next week,