When I first heard about this fashion detox all I thought was, “sweet, this will force me to save my money!”  But then I thought about how long that will be of no shopping. I don’t consider myself to be one that has a shopping problem. When I go shopping it is for a particular item, not for liesure, and most the time I convince myself out of a purchase. I have clothes in my closet that are from high school…and yes I still wear them. Before I signed onto this, I racked my brain of anything that I might need in these 13 weeks but I ended up not getting anything. Hopefully I will not need new underwear or bras! I know this is going to be difficult but I am up for the challenge! I always am trying to find ways to be sustainable. I always donate my clothes once I do not wear them anymore or hand them down to my little sister if they dont fit. In high school my friends and I had “trading parties” where we would trade around clothes that we didn’t wear much anymore. The only thing I am allowing myself to purchase is a bridesmaid dress, there isn’t any way of getting around that. I am excited to get started and to see how strong I am at resisting to shop. Good luck fellow bloggers!!