Hello, my name is ghilie, and I like to shop.  I don’t always buy things; in fact, I probably visit two or three stores for every item I buy.  Over half of my shopping trips end up with my hands empty.  However… I recently went on a fashion binge that totaled, over the last few weeks, over $200. 

It started with a dress that I saw on the Maurice’s site, that was really simple, flattering, and comfortable looking.  I imagined it with a denim jacket and a scarf, with riding boots.  But I didn’t want to pay full price, and I didn’t want to pay for shipping,  So I called the company and it wouldn’t be in stores until March.  Way too long to wait.  I dug in my closet and found an ill fitting dress and a raggedy tank, and I cut each apart and sewed the skirt to the tank (Mr. ghilie says I should name it a DRANK) and while that franken-dress was cute, it was not the one I wanted.  So, I then spent a Saturday making a pattern for a color-blocked princess-seamed dress, which I enjoyed until I realized I had to finish the hem and necklines, and now it’s hanging in my closet, unfinished. 

Finally, Maurice’s sent me a coupon for BOGO-half-off and free shipping, so I caved.  I bought the dress (and a sweater and a denim jacket and a scarf).  And the jacket was weird so I returned it, and the scarf wasn’t what I imagined, and the dress gaps at the armpit just a little, so I was disappointed, but I only returned the jacket.  And then I bought a new one at Penney’s that didn’t remind me of freshman year at Beyer High, although Mr. ghilie thinks it is only an Iron Maiden patch away from 1988.

And then I bought a seer-sucker blazer and a knit hooded blazer and four tank-tops today, in anticipation of not shopping.  I’d planned on more leggings, also, but didn’t find any I liked.

I suspect this is not going to be as easy as I thought it would be.

So, to sum up my motivations: I shop when I’m bored in general or bored of my closet specifically, when I see something I really like or when I am looking for something really specific.  I chose this challenge because I thought it would be an opportunity to save money, and perhaps be a little more creative.  Maybe I’ll finish my dress if I have nothing new to wear.