I have come to the conclusion that I am a shopaholic. It started off with my family ritual of getting something new for every holiday. From there it just escalated into a habit and an obsession with fabrics and clothing. Now every time I enter a store I cant help but to browse and almost always find something that I just have to have. I clean my closet out every other month and donate clothes to the salvation army. But I still have tones of clothes because of my shopping addiction. I dont have to have a reason to shop I just do it without even realizing how much I do. But I am sure like many others my main motivation is stress relief. I have chosen to except this challenge because I am drawn to the word challenge. This will defenitly be a hard challenge for me as I learn to control my need to shop. I am also anxious to see how much money I have saved at the end of semester. Its not going to be easy but I am sure I will appreciate this in the long run!