So, with the basis of my major being fashion, I love clothes, shoes, accessories, and especially purses. I love that wonderful feeling of walking into a beautiful department store and seeing the beautiful leather bags to left, and winding through all of the gorgeous silk tops to the right in the women’s contemporary department. But, I also can slum it a little more in my shopping ventures. I just got back from studying abroad in Asia and I loved the market shopping there. I loved bargaining for sateen tops and rifling through all of the scarfs to find the perfect shades of blues and purples.

What I look for in my purchases, rather it be designer, market items, or Target finds, is quality. I expect all of the items that I buy to last a long time, and that their style be timeless. I enjoy nice clothing that I will be able to wear this year along with next. I appreciate an elegant leather Coach bag that will last ten years. Although the aesthetics draw me to an item, the quality is what gives me the finals push to purchase. I shop quite frequently, although I do not always purchase. I enjoy the atmosphere of shopping most. I chose to accept the Fashion Detox Challenge because I want to see if I will be able to do this. I love shopping so much and I want to see if I can go thirteen weeks without making an apparel purchase. We’ll have to see what happens!