Unlike many of my classmates I knew about this opportunity last semester as I would listen to my co-worker go through the blog posts of other universities students whenever we happened to be working at the same time so I have put a lot of thought into partaking in this detox. However I then thought, why not give up shopping for a few months and focus on my search for the newest addition to my family, a dog. While I am fairly confident in my ability to refrain from shopping in the coming weeks some of my peers have been less believing and while I am doing this for myself (and my wallet) it is always nice to prove people wrong. Also, I think my bank account could use a little break from all of my shopping and not constantly looking for new clothes to buy will give me more time and money in my pocket to find a puppy just in time for me to embark upon the next stage in my life.

I really have never considered myself to be a shopaholic but my shopping habits did change drastically after I studied abroad in London a couple years ago. I think the constant access to hundreds of stores made shopping to me more of a habit than just a special thing I did ever so often. These days I am mostly motivated to shop when there are sales or promotions going on. The good news for me though is that Manhattan, Kansas is not exactly the best place to do some really good shopping but I am a little worried about a couple of trips I have to Texas this Spring because I know it will be really difficult to refrain from shopping on those trips. The other good news is that graduation is at the end of this tunnel for me as well as a new puppy (hopefully) and thankfully I have most of my post-graduation arrangements made so aside from classes I hopefully will a mostly stress-free spring semester.