I honestly did not think I could do it.. Go roughly 12 weeks without shopping. I know people who agreed to the contract but violated it anyways. I was not one of those people because I am true to my word unless life-threatening circumstances arise. Luckily, shopping is not one of those. Even when I felt the need arise to go buy something, my mom kept me grounded. The second the Detox was finished, I did go shopping… TJ Maxx, Ross, Maurices… They all called my name, and I gave in. By doing this detox, I saved a good few hundred dollars during the semester, and I learned that I did not have to have everything I wanted. While I am going to buy the Steve Madden knee-high riding boots that I’ve wanted ever since last year, I do not HAVE to have them. It is a nice feeling knowing that I have control over my shopping addiction and that I can suppress that feeling by doing other things such as reading a book. Just because we are allowed to shop now does not mean we have to, and what a relief it is knowing that I saved a lot of money I did not have this semester. It was really a great opportunity to see what I am truly capable of, and I am honestly proud that I did not give in. I may have needed socks or jeans during the semester, but I patched up my jeans and figured out how to work with my socks. For Christmas, however, I have asked for new jeans and socks so as to look less grungy. Thank you Dr. Mary for giving us this opportunity to test our limits and save money during the semester!