I am a tad bit late posting this one because I wanted to do it a week from my last blog. However, this experience has definitely been a wild one for me! I will admit I was nervous beginning this blog because I did not know what to expect. Starting off, it was rather difficult. There were a few times, which I mentioned in my blog, that I did slip up and fall short of the standards of the detox. This detox has taught me so much about my self. Through the detox, I have learned to manage my self-discipline and shopping habits on a whole different level. I no longer feel that I have to shop all the time, but I can now manage the things I want and need. That does not mean that I will not buy myself things that I only WANT all the time, but it simply means that I can manage how many times I feel the need to do that. The blog has also taught me to enhance my creative skills. I have recreated so many garments (mostly shorts) from old, thrift pants. Every time I wear them, even with tights during the cooler season, I receive SO many compliments. I must admit, I am happy I decided to go forward with this blog. I did not think I could complete it, but I came, I saw, and certainly conquered.