The detox has finally ended and I am subsequently let free from the wraths of the non-shopping world. Although it has been tough, this detox has been a great help for my savings and my over all well being.

When this detox started in September, I did not think it was possible, but through these past months I realized I could do it and it wasn’t as crazy of a request as I thought it would be. The detox has also showed me that I spend too much money and shop too much for myself throughout the year. I’ve learned through this detox that if I keep up some of these rules for myself such as maybe not shopping at all every other month or something to that effect, all of my hard earned money will not go to waste and I can work on building up my savings. I will keep up some of the ways of the detox but to a more reasonable level.

Through this detox I have learned the limits of self control and how to determine the difference between the want of a new product and a need. If you think about most purchases made, they are not necessities, but rather just material items that I want. Most of the stuff I buy is just something I want and even though I am stuck in Stillwater, I still somehow find a way (online) to waste my money and buy these material items. It becomes a problem when I have a job and yet I still have no money in my savings… whoops !


Now, don’t get me wrong, as soon as I get off here, I’m hittin’ up all my favorite shops! hahah just keeeding, no need to shop when it’s almost Christmas! …except for other people! 😉


til next time, xoxo