This detox has been a really interesting experience but very rewarding at the same time. I was extremely hesitate to commit to this challenge, but I am beyond happy that I decided to. I learned so much these past few weeks and have saved a lot of money as well. I have really stepped back and thought about my old buying habits and how I will be changing them and spending my money differently in the future. I learned that just browsing in stores is a great and fun thing. I used to be a huge impulse buyer but these past weeks have taught me to really think before I buy. Even though I really wanted to buy things at some points of this detox, when I left the item behind, often times I immediately forgot about it or realized that it was something that I definitely did not need. From now on, I am going to make the effort to put more thought into making a purchase by leaving it behind and if I really want it/need it, I will go back to the store the next day or two to buy it. In conclusion, I learned a lot more than I imagined to learn before this detox started and I believe this challenge was beneficial to my future and I hope to be able to change my habits and make them permanent ones. Glad everyone survived! Happy Shopping!