It’s all over now, and yet I haven’t ran out to the mall to buy everything I see.  This was definitely a good experience for me, but it wasn’t very challenging.  I honestly thought it may have been more challenging, but I was surprised to see how easy it was to avoid even the temptation.  I’ve really taken what i’ve learned this semester about style and fast fashion to heart.  I don’t think i’ll be returning to any of my old habits of impulse shopping merely because it’s a good deal.  I’ll be looking for pieces that reflect my style, my creativity, and myself.  But what’s even better is that I have no desire to go buy more clothe right now.  Even though I haven’t bought anything new since that start; there really isn’t anything that I feel like buying.  I’ve become more at peace with my wardrobe, and have learned to appreciate what is in it.  I also enjoy the challenge of constantly creating new looks and idea from old pieces, as if they’re in a continual state of identity rebirth.  I’m so glad I participated in this!