I would like to say that I am a recovered shopaholic with the aid of this challenge, but that may not be the case.  This challenge has made me think about my own personal style, which I haven’t ever analyzed it so in depth.  I’ve learned that my closet is slacking in the quality department. I realized that there are some items that I own that weren’t worth the price I paid for them.  But that just may be the problem, because I shamefully came to the realization that I’m cheap! Yes I am apart of that taboo fashion community and I’ m not ashamed to admit it.  I refused to ever pay full price for anything, clearance aisles and special sales is where you could find me. I kind of had a twenty dollar limit on clothing, $10 to $15 for tops, $20 for jeans and fashion flats, and under $5 for accessories. I still think that those are reasonable price guidelines, but if I want to improve on quality purchases I may want to increase my budget in certain categories. At the same time I realize that my cheap merchandise may not have a long shelf life, which is why twice a year I clean out my closet and donate to used clothing stores like Pato’sCloset.  Its kind like a reward because I take the money earned from selling my used clothes to go buy new ones! My system works perfectly since I know some items wont look good forever. This week I decided that when this challenge is over I want to start a Quality challenge, even though it may mean I have to spend more because I believe it will improve my style.  I am also looking forward to taking the new Quality Assessment course!