When I first began this trial, I could believe that I would be sitting on my couch a semester later and not yet have bought a single article of clothing. I was highly skeptical that there was any way that I could pull through, but reading everyone’s posts have certainly pulled me forward!

There are two lessons that I have learned throughout this process, both of which are the biggest lessons I have learned in 21 years.

The first lesson is that of frugality. I used to throw money for clothes around like crazy, but now I am finding other things that need my attention. I have been taking care of my allergy ridden dog, and working on a savings account for a rainy day. I feel more like an adult after this detox, and it feels great!

The second lesson I have learned from this detox is the importance of my creativity. I want to be a fashion buyer when I graduate, and it is very important that I should be confident in my ability. Before this detox, I was not sure if I even had an ability, but now I am confident in my ability. I am positive that I can do a great job picking out clothes for other people, because I have had to force myself to look at what I have to create new and exciting outfits. 

I am thankful for this detox, and I’m sure that my pocketbook is thankful as well. Thank you for this opportunity, and thank you Detox users, for listening.

See you around the bend bloggers!