Well, here it is… my final post on this blog regarding my experience with The Fashion Detox. This experience as a whole for me has been challenging at times, but most definitely rewarding to say the least. Not only have I saved a bundle of money, but most importantly, I have gotten a new perspective on our society, especially in regards to appearances. I have found a whole new appreciation for the many garments that help make up my closet, and i have begun to realize the importance of each one of them. My favorite thing about this entire study was realizing the many different things I was able to construct with my old clothes. I found new appreciations for nearly half of the things in my closet I would have typically thrown away. However, not only did I learn how to construct new things from my old clothes, but I really was made aware of the importance of my possessions. Because of this detox I can now whole-heartedly say that I appreciate all that I have, and I no longer take any of it for granted. Finally, I realized how easy it is to get caught up in society and to try and take after our most prized fashion icons, but I simultaneously learned the flip side, of how easy it is to make positives out old things, and most importantly how to revamp your wardrobe without having to spend thousands of dollars on material possessions.