Fashion is a huge part in america’s society. It is so important to many people. Everyone can be who they want to be through their clothing. So many people want to find ways of becoming an individual and fashion is the perfect way to do it. Even though i haven’t been shopping, I have defiantly thought of different fashion ideas that are different then many others. It hard without a lot of money to buy every clothing item you want but i have really been wanting to find cheaper clothing stores to start shopping at.

This whole experience was most defiantly a challenge, i think for everyone who participated. It really took some will power to accomplish this! I did think about buying clothes a lot, but i finally realized that i actually don’t need any more clothing at the moment. Every time i really thought about purchasing an item, it really helped me weigh out my pros and cons. I always love buying new clothes, but this experience has made me take a step back from just buying everything i see right away.

Not only this challenge, but i feel this whole class has impacted my views on clothing and fashion. Writing papers and reading the books assigned have been very interesting. Currently, the book Overdressed has showed me that a lot of the clothing i am buying is cheaply made by people who are barely getting paid minimum wage. I have learned so much about myself also. Yes, i love clothing and fashion, but its time to control my shopping habits and really think about what i am spending my money on!