When I first decided to take part in this fashion detox, I wasn’t quite sure if I could do it. When I told my friends and family, there were even more unsure than I was. In fact, many of them laughed at me. It was a “yeah right, you could never go three months without shopping” kind of laugh. I couldn’t blame them though. I had never gone three months without shopping; not since I was little, at least. 

The past nine weeks or so have been very interesting. I have learned to deal with stressful situations in less expensive ways, I have learned how to enjoy my free time without spending my last dollar, and most importantly I have learned that in the big picture, material items just aren’t that important. As miserable as I sometimes felt, I was sure that it was going to pay off in the end and I am happy to say that it did. 

I can gladly say that my shopping habits will be much different in the future. Different in a good way. I will shop less often than I did before and when I do go shopping, I will buy garments of better quality than those I have previously purchased. If I’m only going to be shopping every once in awhile, I have to make sure my clothes are going to last! 

I would highly recommend doing this for anyone who has an addiction to shopping or needs to save money or someone who is just looking to make some changes in their life. It has been a very rewarding experience, both mentally and financially.