I can’t believe this is my last fashion detox blog. In addition, it is almost the end of the semester! Where has the time gone? I can’t say I’m not happy that this is over…I have learned so much but it has been so challenging for me to stay strong and not shop over these last couple of months. At first is was so hard to even think about not being able to shop at all for the entire semester. However, it gradually got easier and I almost got used to it. I saved a lot of money by not shopping, so obviously that encouraged me along the way. I also learned how to expand my creativity because I was constantly taking items of clothes that I had already worn and trying to make new outfits out of them. I borrowed a lot of clothes from girls in my house when I wanted to wear something different. As a result, I wore things that weren’t normally something I would buy for myself. This expanded my style and got me to change up my taste a little bit which was really cool. This challenge taught me how to value what I have and not always assume that just because I want something means that I need it. I think that in the future I will think twice before I buy everything I see, and I’ll also continue to be creative when it comes to wearing clothes in different ways! I’m excited to be able to go out and shop again, but I’m also extremely thankful for what this challenge has taught me.