I have been making extreme progress on controlling my shopping urges, only have a few miss haps throughout the challenge (ATAM T-shirt $12, school bag from thrift store $4, and makeup? if that counts). I am proud for making it this far with the challenge, and honestly if I didn’t look at it as a challenge that I probably would have not made it to the end. So naturally Black Friday was going to temp the shopping obsessed side, and I thought long and hard weather or not I can miss out on the once a year awesome sales.  I was used to shopping have year on blackfriday it was like a ritual.  I even found my self “window shopping” online, placing items in the shopping cart so I had the feeling of shopping.  I’m not much of an on- line shopper usually because I like to try on my merchandise prior to purchasing so it wasn’t tempted at all to whip my debit card out. I was happy to be at home in my cozy bed and not one of the crazy midnight shoppers! 🙂