As the experiment comes to a close, I’m able to reflect on several lessons that this assignment taught me.  First, I’ve learned that clothing (especially new clothing) does not define me.  Previously, I purchased new clothing weekly to add my collection that I used to express myself.  I felt like I HAD to buy new things to further enhance my idea of myself and what I wanted to portray to others. At the beginning of this assignment I really struggled with sticking to only the clothes that I owned, or garments that I could barrow from my friends.  After several weeks, I saw a change in the way that I dressed.  To make up for the lack of new items, I altered my style and found pleasure in mixing and matching accessories that I previously wouldn’t have considered. Ultimately, I learned that I didn’t need new trends, to create trendy looks.

I also learned that there were more important things in my life to focus us, things I previously had been neglecting.  From all the money I saved from not shopping, I was able to spend more time with my friends and could afford to do so.  I took up cooking as a new hobby, I found that I really enjoy making new recipes.  Most importantly, I spent less time online shopping in class which allowed me to focus more on my studies.

This experiment taught me to appreciate more than just designer clothing.  It inspired me to create designer looks from pieces I already owned.  I know that I will continue to shop less, and limit the amount that I spend on clothes, because I like the new style that I’ve developed. Anyone can buy style, but it takes a true fashionista to create it herself.