The time has finally come, the last night of not shopping. When I began this challenge I did not think I would be able to make it. The beginning was easy, mainly because I was poor and could not afford clothes even if I wanted to, towards the middle and end of the challenge things got a little tricky. The hardest week was while I was in Dallas over Thanksgiving break, I was very close to breaking at that point. I have learned how easy it is to create new outfits out of old clothes that I rarely wear. I also have a pile of borrowed clothes in my room that I need to start giving back to my friends. I hope by doing this challenge I have helped the environment in some way. I will be more aware of the material and kinds of clothing I buy. I have also shared this experience with my friends, so maybe they’ll be interested in trying it soon. I’m just so glad it’s finally and I can spend this week shopping.