When I started this project, I could not go a week without going online to shop or going to the mall. I would check the latest deals constantly and if I liked what I saw, I would buy it. I was that person who fell for every sale or “buy one get one” deal thinking that I was saving a ton of money. When in reality- I wasn’t.  The biggest lesson I have learned this semester is that I save the most money when I do not shop at all. But I have also learned a lot of other lessons.

            One lesson was learning to control my boredom. I constantly shopped online when I was bored or avoiding homework. Throughout this semester I have learned many other things to do when I was bored in order to avoid online shopping. My favorite thing was reading books. Being a history major I always think reading is horrible because I constantly have fifteen books to read for classes throughout the semester. But this semester I learned to read books for leisure and found out there were some that I actually like. And that it can be very relaxing.

            Another lesson was to learn how to control my habit. I honestly think I could have been a member of shopaholics anonymous before this project. My spending and shopping was completely out of control. But thanks to this project I have learned to control what I buy and have learned how to walk through the mall with my friends without buying anything. I also learned that I can go shopping and only buy the one thing I needed.

            I think the second most important lesson I learned was to be happy with what I have. I am always that person who preaches saying count your blessings you’re so lucky to live the life you have instead of some other worse life. Yet I constantly complain about not having anything to wear. Throughout this detox I have learned how to utilize every item in my closet to make new and cute outfits. It is amazing how much I was able to accomplish with everything that I have.

            In the end, although I struggled through most of it, I have incredibly happy that I did this project and am hoping to continue to shop less.