Over the course of the fashion detox challenge, I can definitely say that I have learned many new things that I never thought were possible to learn…at least not for me.  Most importantly, I have learned to be more frugal with my money.  Since I wasn’t able to buy new clothes, I didn’t have any impulses to make sudden purchases for items that I probably don’t need.  That also goes hand-in-hand with needs versus wants.  As winter is upon us and I pass by a circular rack full of fur vests of all different kinds, I might say “I need that vest,” but in essence, I don’t need that vest, I just want it.  Overall, this has helped me prioritize my needs and wants and helped me realize the most important things in life.  My creativity has also improved because of this challenge. I borrowed a lot of the clothes from other girls in my house.  They were very sympathetic because they knew I wasn’t allowed to shop for the semester.  I also put together different outfits by reusing some of the same garments but just mixing and matching them.  At first I was very skeptical about this challenge, knowing my history with shopping and impulse buying but I can say that I have successfully completed this challenge.