This week everyone has been preparing for the end of the semester. Whether that is by studying for their final tests or just by hanging out with friends because soon we will be all away from everyone for a month. There has not been the pressure to go shopping that there normally is. We have all been so busy thinking about other things. Shopping is a nice relaxing way to de-stress during all the studying but I will have to find other ways to do that this year.

The only little temptation I had this week was it was one of my friend’s birthdays and everyone was wearing new clothes that they bought over break. I had nothing new and was tired of all my clothes so I just went on my own little shopping trip through my roommates closets. I borrowed a shirt from one girl and a necklace from other, one of the many perks of living with alot of girls. The detox process is almost over and I know I can make it through until the end!