The Fashion Detox taught me I lacked the will power I thought I had. I messed up twice, even though I thought I could easily last 3 months without shopping if I really tried. At the same time, I know I would have bought about $50 of clothes per week, as I did before this challenge, had it not been for The Fashion Detox. With contantly being surrounded with stores advertising, it’s impossible to not think about shopping. Facebook ads, Twitter, e-mails, black friday….etc always would make me obsess over the fact I was missing a 40% off sale of things I probably didn’t need. Over the course of the detox, I found myself unsubscribing from several stores that would email me. I unsubscribed or set at least 15 stores as spam in my inbox. That helped me a lot.

It also helped when the weather changed and I got to wear my fall clothes that I hadn’t seen in a year and wasn’t sick of yet. Fall accessories also helped. Any plain shirt could be transformed with a different color scarf, vest, or cardigan.

As much as this challenge was self-rewarding, I am SO excited to go on a shopping spree after this to reward myself.