This Fashion Detox has been quite the learning experience. I especially think that this challenge has taught me a lot about myself. What I learned about myself during this experiment was that shopping has become a habit of mine. I find myself shopping when I am sad, when I am bored, when I need something, or if I am excited and want a new outfit for a special occasion. There has never really been a specific time I go shopping; I shop all of the time. Participating in this Fashion Detox was a big lifestyle change for me. There are many ways I discovered to help me get through this one semester without shopping. For starters, I started to take up new hobbies to consume my time when I had nothing to do. I started working out more, and took up crafting as a hobby. Another way I was able to get through the detox was by borrowing clothes. By borrowing clothes I was able to save money by not purchasing new trendy outfits, yet I still got to wear them. I also discovered that in order to change up my wardrobe a bit without adding new pieces to my wardrobe, I had to pair things differently than I normally would have. I actually really enjoyed the challenge of coming up with new outfits that made my wardrobe look bigger than it actually was. All in all, the challenge was difficult but not nearly as hard as I had imagined it to be. The truth is, I have way more clothes in my closet than I need, and I do not need a new article of clothing every week to look good. I think this detox has been really good for me and my mindset on shopping. I realize now that I had probably been over consuming most of my life. After doing this detox and reading Overdressed, I now feel like I should really pay attention to what I buy and go for quality over quantity. I have learned that it is more important to embrace your own style, and be selective with my purchases. It is not always necessary to buy every new trend that appears. Hopefully these lessons I learned throughout this detox will stick with me.