This project has been an eye opener for me. Restraining myself from buying new clothes has been generally a little easier than I thought but then again I have started to realize how many different times that I could have bought things. My creativity has been put to the test these past ten weeks and I feel as though I have done well to come up with new outfits and utilize all of the clothes that have been hiding in the dark spaces of my closet. I came into this project with an open mind but not feeling like this project was going to make that much of a difference in my day to day routine but I have learned that there can be more use out of the clothes I don’t wear as much and just because it looks like an undershirt doesn’t mean it has to be used as one, the plain white tee can be a simple nice look if used in the right situation. I have also learned that I have gotten taller and stronger and I’m am glad this project is ending so I can change out my sizes and refit my apparel to my new stature. I know that I am going to be useful in my decisions in clothing from now on and I have learned a little on the value of the dollar by not just “point of purchase” buying clothing that I don’t exactly need. I believe this project has been a great learning experience and that it should be utilized by many many more college students.