I cannot believe that this is (finally) the last blog post for the Fashion Detox.  While it has been a huge struggle for me to refrain from making any new purchases, this process has gone by pretty quickly now that I look back on it.  This semester has flown by, as has my detoxing!  I am interested to see if my shopping habits will change any from this experience.

I learned a lot throughout this whole process.  I learned that I love shopping even more than I thought I did, and that it is a lot harder to go without new clothing for 3+ months than I thought it would be.  Initially I thought this whole process would be a breeze, but I learned otherwise pretty quickly.  I also learned that a lot of the purchases I would normally make are ones that are completely unnecessary.  I learned that I need to start buying more responsibly.  I need to start looking for quality pieces that will last me a long time and that I will wear for a long time.  The majority of my clothing is very cheaply made and is fast fashion.  I hope to cut back on some of these purchases to boost my own personal sustainability.  While it is hard for a college student to be able to purchase good quality clothing, I hope that after college I’ll be able to afford this type of clothing.  

This detox was definitely a learning process and I am going to take a lot away from it.  I am more conscious of the purchases I am making, and I hope that continues for years to come.  It is good to be aware of the impact your purchases could have on the world around you.  I feel like this detox has accomplished that for me.  Although at times it was tough and I got frustrated, I am really glad I went through with it and I will put my knowledge to good use in the future!