It is hard to believe that this fashion detox has come to an end. Two months ago I wasn’t very convinced I could last through the entire detox, and my friends and family were a little weary about it themselves. There were so many temptations, yet I had the self-control to not give in to them. I’m not saying this was easy, not at all, but it was challenging in a good way. I found out that, yes, I can go this long without shopping and I can feel good about it because I am not giving in to overconsumption, and at the same time helping with sustainability. I will probably buy a few items of clothing when I go home for break, but I plan on buying way less than I did before this fashion detox. 

I learned to be very creative with the clothing I already owned. I have put outfits together with clothes in my closet I have never worn before, and borrowed clothing more from my friends. A lot of the outfits I had never worn before received compliments, which was a plus! I also saved quite a bit of money, which was good since that is something I also struggle with! 

After reading the book Overdressed by Elizabeth L. Cline for one of my Textile & Apparel Management courses, I was even more glad I decided to participate in the fashion detox. This book talked a lot about fast fashion and how consumers want closets full of cheap, poorly made clothing verse quality garments that last longer. This book was very eye-opening and will make me think twice before I shop at Forever 21 or any of my other favorite fast fashion retailers. 

Overall, I am glad that I participated in this detox and have proved to my family and friends that I do have the self-control to not buy any clothing or accessories for an entire semester!