The detoxing process is now complete and I have learned more about my shopping habits then I ever thought I would. This experience was very eye opening about how much I really do spend on an unnecessary amount of clothes. I never considered myself a big shopper compared to many girls that I know or see go shopping multiple times a week. But after not being able to at all it made me realize that while I don’t go out to just shop all the time I still pick up new clothes many times throughout the year. I buy clothes more on when I actually feel like I need a new item or when I go for the camaraderie with others. But even just with those experiences I found it difficult to not buy anything.

There is temptation everywhere. Going home was always the biggest struggle for me. Shopping is something my sister and I always do together. We have similar styles and we always love to run our new clothes options by each other. Also I work in a clothing store so going home to work I saw all the new clothes and most of the time wanted to purchase them. But because I was dextoxing I realized all those little purchases I would normally make, I truly did not need them and my wardrobe did not suffer much because I didn’t buy them. One of the biggest temptations was just seeing other people get new cute things that I loved and really would have loved to own but once again it pointed out to me that I did not need them.

This process allowed me to get creative with the clothes I already owned. I discovered many new outfits that I never would have thought of before. Also, being able to borrow from friends made the process way easier for me. I have learned a lot through this semester and it showed me how much buying new clothes, to the extent that most people do, is very unnecessary. While I don’t plan on completely detoxing my life anymore, I definitely want to cut back on my shopping and only buy things I truly think I need.