Wow! It’s finally over…I never thought this challenge would be such a learning experience. At the beginning, I didn’t take this detoxing seriously and I never thought it would be hard to not shop. I was so wrong! I found out early that I love shopping and that I shopped more than I ever thought I did. Shopping also has more of an effect on me than I really want it to but this challenge taught me that I need to be watching all of my purchases.

I saw how shopping had effects on things like my creativity. Most of the times school did seem to prevent me from being creative but shopping I came to realize was a source of inspiration. I was able to go out to stores and it fueled ideas that I wanted to incorporate into my own designs. Throughout this challenge, I avoided the stores that would tempt me to shop so I lost those inspiration centers.

Plus, I learned there are temptations everywhere we are no matter if it’s going to your favorite store or even if it’s your roommate who loves to show you all her weekly purchases. It’s how we handle the temptations. I learned that I don’t have to avoid all my favorite stores but that when I do go shopping I need to go in with a list and not just go to wander. I look to only purchase the things that are needed and then in the end I will be saving money for when a special event comes along.

Overall, this fashion detox was worth the time and effort because it taught valuable lessons about how to savor the clothes I have and to treat them with care so that they last longer. I want to plan my purchases better to not only save my much needed cash supply but to plan for a more sustainable future.