Honestly when I first heard about this challenge I thought Oh, I can do that I love to shop but I can go without for a month or so…I was wrong! This has been so tough, tempting and trying. I did break the rules on one occasion as I had a wedding to go and just had to buy a new dress for it as that was important to me, but other than that I resisted temptation on numerous occasions. I have learned so much over the course of this challenge, not only how much I actually shop just for the sake of doing so, but how much money I spend on frivolous items. Everytime I went to a store in the past I felt like I could not leave without purchasing something, now I can quite happily browse around, try things on but know that I do not need to buy to make myself feel better. I have come to enjoy casually looking around stores, seeing my friends buy things but not neccessarily feeling like I have to get something too just beacuse they do. That is a huge change for me. I have also noticed how much money I have been saving, I actually have money at the end of the month to buy groceries beacuse I have not been buying silly little things that I dont even need.
I have enjoyed pulling different outfits together that already exist in my closet, it has been fun to mix and match and find new outfits that I probably never would have discovered if not for this challenge. I have learned that accessories can completely change an outfit and that making a scarf a belt or sweater sleeves into socks does work and people will compliment on them. It has been fun, I have learned to simply slow down on the excessive spending and appreciate what I do have. I realize I do not always need that sweater that I have in three other colors, I do not need those jeans because kim kardashian or whoever was wearing them or they are on sale. I am glad I have got to a point where I can enjoy shopping more and look forward to it as before I was doing it so often the excitement was wearing off.
So overall yes, it was been a real eye-opener, but I can’t say I am not going to go a little crazy now with christmas shopping and splurge away to satisfy my shopping withdrawals. Watch out stores, I’m back!