I found this fashion detox to be quite an interesting assignment because it allowed me to question why I shop. I took the time to think about the reasons why I wanted to purchase certain items. I feel that for most people in my age group they shop for what is in fashion during that time. While reviewing some of the other students blogs that also doing the detox I have noticed that it was a much easier cope with the detox if they had a consistent style of clothing that rarely changes from season to season. I struggled withe the changing of the seasons more than anything during this detox. I did not realize how much money I was wasting on clothing by buying a new wardrobe fore every season During this detox I have really taken the time to consider what my style is. Going forward in my shopping expeditions I will probably end up spending more money on clothing just because I want to make sure that I am buying more quality garments rather than having a large quantity.