After three grueling months of fashion fasting, I am thankful to complete my final blog of the fashion detox. I can’t believe that these weeks without fashion have gone by so quickly, but I have been so caught up with my school work that I almost didn’t notice.

My biggest challenge throughout the experience was the amount of promotional emails coming through my inbox. In response to these emails, I have taken myself off of a ton of unnecessary email lists. These three months have taught me financial responsibility as far as fashion goes. I used to be a sucker for a sale and happily drop a wad when I received a fun promotional email. I look forward to having the will power to ignore promotions and save for bigger, better purchases.

I think my shopping habits will reflect these new lessons as well. After this semester, I will be a much more savvy shopper as I look for more timeless and quality pieces in the future. Trendy items are great and all, but they don’t have the staying power of classic pieces.

My Christmas bonus from work comes through next week, and I think I know where a good portion of that will go. I look forward to spending some of the money I’ve saved all semester from not shopping! Congratulations to everyone else who survived the shopping detox. We did it!