The lessons I have learned during this challenge was really worth it, not only did I learned to save; I have become more creative with the clothes that I already had in my closet. Not only was this detoxing very challenging for it was an valuable experience.

I won’t lie but it was very difficult not to shopping during this whole detoxing, I came very close to purchasing something. It was even challenging during our Thanksgiving break, because of Black Friday “the shopping madness”, when the crazy shoppers comes out. I heard about all the sales, and looked at all the coupons that came in the mail; I tell you it was very tempting very very much so.

During my break my two year old niece came to visit me, and I am very happy that she came. She kept me very occupied, and during the Black Friday madness I was babysitting her; which helped me to overcome my urge to just go out and spend all my hard earn money at the mall.

This fashion detoxing was good for me, not only did i save up all the money I would spend for clothes, etc I learn to be creative with the things I already have. I will continue to save my hard work earnings, as well continue to be creative; and shop only when I really need to. Now that it’s near the end, I feel great like I have accomplish something. I feel like it wasn’t so bad, not that it’s almost over. Keeping busy was the key, by doing just that I was able to overcome my urges, and stay focused. I can’t wait now to do my Christmas shopping. I won’t go crazy, not to worry; it was a pleasure.