I have learned several things over the course of this challenge.  One of the most important things I have learned is not to give into impulse buys.  A lot of our shopping is done out of impulse.  We may not even be out looking for a new top, but when we pass it by on the rack all the sudden we can’t imagine our lives without it.  I think with this challenge it has really taught me to evaluate what I truly need, what I can re-invent, and what is frivolous.  Creativity was another lesson that I learned.  Since I wasn’t able to shop I had to think of other ways to keep my wardrobe looking fresh.  I would utilize my sister a lot, borrowing things she had to mix and match with some of mine.  Temptations weren’t as bad as I was expecting them to be at first, then it got to be toward the end that made it more of a challenge.  One of things that made it difficult for me is the crazy weather we have been experiencing.  One day its 25 degrees and the next it’s in the high 70’s; but I guess that’s Oklahoma.  I think overall this was a good challenge and really helped open my eyes to the things we waste.  There’s no need to have a closet over flowing with things you don’t ever wear but instead need to help those in need.  Organize your closest and donate what is just taking up space in your closet and give it to someone in need.  Not only does it make you feel less cluttered, but also feels nice knowing you helped someone else who could use that nearly new sweater that you have only worn once.