Hello there readers! This detox is finally coming to an end and I have to say, my feelings are bitter sweet!    I can’t tell you how excited I am to visit Nordstrom and find some awesome garments, but I am also a tad sad because I will be spending more money!  I have learned a lot from this assignment.  I learned that I do not need to buy all of the latest trends when the clothes in my closet are just as wearable!  I also learned that people buy endless amounts of clothes they do not need and end up never wearing them!  I was guilty of this before the detox but hope to change my ways :).  We should also be more eco-friendly and sustainable.  This fashion detox had me look into where my clothing was being made.  I learned that many clothes are made over in Bangladesh and India where workers work in harsh conditions and barely make any money.  Americans should become educated and aware of where their clothing is coming from and understanding what fast fashion is and how it is potentially hurting us.  It is safe to say I am happy I went along with this experiment and I recommend everyone to try it at least once in his or her life!  Because of this detox, I do not think I will buy clothes as often as I did in the past, and will be a bit more conscious of what I am spending my money on.  I also do not think I will shop as often at H&M or Forever21 due to the conditions it takes to make that particular type of clothing.  Well fashion detox, it is about that time to say adios.  This was a great opportunity and I will try to incorporate what I learned into my daily life.  Goodbye fashion detox!!  It was nice knowing you 😉