Amazingly, I learned a lot during this challenge.  At first the project was all about getting extra credit for class, and then it became something more.  I would still go shopping with my friends, but I would not purchase anything.  It made me realize just how much being around other that are shopping can influence you to purchase things you will probably never wear and will probably end up getting rid of in a year.  It is such a waist.  I started critiquing to myself my friends shopping habits.

When I would get an email from stores I like to shop at, I started just having to delete the emails without even opening them.  As soon as I saw something I liked, I knew I couldn’t resist.  We are constantly being bombarded with information about new trends and sales.  This project made me realize just how easy it was to buy things because they were cheap or the latest trend.

Over the last few months, I have been saving what I would have normally spent on clothes and things that I really don’t need, for after college.  Not only am I better off not having more clothes that I could ever possibly wear, but also I am ensuring a better course for myself.  This project has made me see that I really can wear all of my old things and still feel fine.  I had multiple interviews and events where I had to dress professionally.  Those were the times that I began feeling a bit stressed.  I knew I had to pick something from my closet because I couldn’t just run out and pick something else up.  This was the only time I had to get creative.

Overall, I think this extra credit assignment was worth it, if not only for the bonus points, for what I have realized about myself.  I am mentally strong enough to go months without shopping.  This is a great realization to have considering I will potentially be around fashion for the rest of my working life.