This detox has taught me a lot about not only myself, but also new ways to enrich my closet without shopping nearly as much as I used to shop. After analyzing what clothes I had to work with for the semester, I learned many of my clothes were things I have only worn once, or sometimes I would even find things that still had the price tag on them! This has made me realize that I need to stop buying things for just one event. I used to just buy a cute new top from Forever 21 because I saw that style on Pinterest and had to have it. However, now looking back at my “finds,” I came to the conclusion I tend to never wear those clothes again because the trend has already faded. I have now learned I need to buy less clothes and instead purchase basics that I can mix and match into many cute and different looks. Despite my vast collection of clothes, I never thought I was going to make it past at least a month buying an item of clothing. Even though I never shop much during the school year, I thought I was never going to last without shopping during long weekends or breaks at home. To my surprise, I never cracked on this fashion detox. It sounds silly, but I think my time spent not shopping has given me more time to do more important things. This was especially the case during Thanksgiving Break. With my lack of shopping on that break, including Black Friday, it allowed me more time to spend with my family. I really appreciated that time with them since I rarely see them during the school year.

            Another thing this challenge has done for me is it has shown me new ways to channel my creativity into my outfits. I do not need to be constantly shopping to keep up with the trends. Instead I need to buy simple, timeless clothes that I can mix and match. I will not need to add much more to my closet, at least for now, because I realized I already have many clothes to mix and match. My problem is I do not like wearing the same outfit more than once, but the trick I have found out is to wear that garment with something different to prevent people from realizing you have worn the garment twice. I have also discovered that borrowing a garment or accessory from family or friends can also help any outfit. I feel like that small addition to an outfit can make people believe you have never worn the other garment even if you have worn it many times before. Borrowing clothes from others can always spice up any old outfit. Between these two strategies, I have discovered new ways to make more creative and affordable outfits, and I now know what to look for when I do decide to shop again to enable my strategies to work.