It has been about 3 months since I joined the Fashion Detox and now finally the project is nearly over!  I still remembered the first day I heard about the fashion detox, my initial thought on this project was” not shopping for 3 months? No way possibly i could complete this”, it seems like I just said that yesterday, but now I’ve successfully managed myself and survived from the 3 months of Fashion Detox. Looking back at those 3 months, there are  times that I definitely struggled and even regretted about the decision, but there were also a lot of times that I enjoyed myself wearing same things differently and finally started to love all the clothes i’ve owned once again. This project forced me to use my creativity and imagination, I ran out of inspirations a lot of the times and had to go online to search for new ideas. I remember in the past when I went to online stores, I always ended up buying a lot; however, now when i go to online stores, I tend to look at the styles of the newly coming out clothes and how they matched it on models and then I always get new ideas about how to wear my clothes. I’ve done it so many times that I almost have the faith that “I can look exactly like the models without buying the new clothes”. Looking at the 3 months as a whole, even if it was tough in general, I feel like my life was enriched and my heart was full;whenever I overcame a temptation, I’ve learnt something about myself.

             Now the project is nearly done, I feel like i could write a small book about what I’ve learn about this 3 months; but i guess the main idea would be I start to believe that money can buy clothes but it can not buy fashion and beauty; just like money can buy all the things to entertain you but it can’t buy happiness. Before i was in this project, I was very very wrong to think that I need to be super rich to look fashionable everyday. Now I tend to look at fashion in a deeper way, much more than just the apperance. In the past, I have to dress in something new to be condifent, but not anymore. I started Fashion Detox with an intitial purpose of saving money; in the end however, i not only cut back my expenses but also had a 3-month unique experiences. I used to think that I will be going crazy shopping right after the project is done, but now I dont think so, because I’ve found  new ways to make myself look good and feel good and they dont necessarily cost money.

        In the end of the project, I see myself as a totally new person, not necessarily because I’ve changed but also because I recognized a new side of myself. I am not someone I used to think i was, I never thought i could complete the project and even enjoyed it at last but I did. I came to realize that a person has a lot of potential that he himself might not even notice. Thanks to the Fashion Detox, I’ve not only learnt a new way of living but also learnt a new side of myself.