In my journey through the fashion detox I have learned a lot.  I have found myself buying fewer clothes, saving more money, and becoming more conscious of everything I buy in general.  I have not taken the general approach of necessarily burrowing clothes all the time from my friends but have decided to actually wear all the clothes that I possess and utilize the full capability of my closet!  Through this detox I have bought no new clothing items and have only gotten two sweaters gifted to me for my birthday last month as new additions to my closet.  I really never felt overly challenged along my journey of detox.  I believe this is because I really do not need any more clothing items; my closet is already more than complete.  I found that when I went shopping with my sister over thanksgiving break, I was actually bored in J.Crew, which used to be one of my favorite stores.  It wasn’t by the fact that I couldn’t buy any clothes but by the fact that I finally realized that I basically already own a similar version of everything in the store. This may make me seem spoiled but I have always been someone that shops for good deals and buys classic, slow-fashion items that will last me for the rest of my life.  All of the items in my closet now will last me the rest of my life in terms of style and fit.

I believe that this experience has made me spend less on clothes and also made me make more practical purchases in every aspect of my life.  I also took a financial planning class this semester so between me being conscious of my spending for the fashion detox and learning about all the benefits of saving money thorough my financial planning class, my view on spending has truly changed this semester.  Spending money on items like clothing that I don’t need really isn’t rewarding and gives me no sense of achievement.  Also, seeing as how my closet is already full, I’d rather spend my money on more valuable and practical items at this point in my life.