Wow! Who would of thought, me, Riley Lay was able to resist from shopping for a whole semester! I actually did not purchase one item during this challenge.  I’m honestly very surprised I was able to do this considering I really did depend on shopping to be my stress reliever.  I feel very accomplished for what I’ve done and believe I can do anything I put my mind to.  I must admit I do get stressed very easily, but I have learned there are multiple things I can do to help myself when I have anxiety.  I also have realized that it is not all about what other people are wearing, but more about my own unique style.  I mean, who says I have to follow the trends of these celebrities and super models?

Now that I think back to where I was three months ago, I have learned many lessons about not only myself as a person, but my garments I own.  Recently, I read a book called Overdressed by Elizabeth L. Cline.  She discussed the presence of fast fashion in our society and it was clear my closet was filled with those items.  Forever 21, H&M and even Urban Outfitters is what the majority of my closet is filled with.  These stores produce items right when they see a new trend has appeared.  Because they make them so fast and so many, it is not the best quality.  This challenge forced me to be creative and mix match items as much as I could.  Yet, I couldn’t always do this because I didn’t want my outfits to come across as cheap.  I never realized how much fast fashion garments I own and how little of them I actually wear.  I have learned to not always worry about what is in style at the time, but buy the clothes that I actually will wear.  This idea helped me because whenever I did come clothes to purchasing clothes online, I thought about how much I actually needed that shirt or that skirt.  In fact, by doing this I will be helping myself by not filling my closet up with useless apparel.

I am glad participated in Fashion Detox.  Although I must admit, there are a few items I have had my eye on for some time now and I probably will by them soon, this challenge was worth the wait.  But who wouldn’t miss shopping after this many months?!  Overall, it taught me to really consider what I am buying and if it is just a waste.  I know it is important to just be me, do my own thing, and be rock it!