I have learned many lessons during the fashion detox.  What I learned most was that I over consume.  Because I could not buy any clothes this semester, I decided to focus on giving away a lot of my clothes.  I probably gave away 5 hefty bags of clothes, shoes and accessories this semester and still have more than enough clothes for myself.  My trip to Chicago and Thanksgiving break with black Friday were probably the most challenging times for me for this detox.  Before this project I was constantly buying fast fashion.  Now, when I do want to buy something, I think I will try to focus on more slow fashion items.  I have found a new importance for the quality of my clothing, even if that means it is more expensive.  Although it was very difficult at times, I am very proud of myself for participating in the Fashion Detox and I truly believe that the habits I formed this semester will stick with me for the rest of my life.