Today in class we discussed that sewing is seen as a “lost art”. I found this to be very true. Ironically, this summer I purchased my first sewing machine and took a few classes at JoAnn fabric. The older ladies swooned at the fact that someone my age was trying to learn how to sew. In the book Overdressed by Elizabeth L. Cline she mentions that sewing has been lost in a single generation; mine.  People are much more interested in “fast fashion”; where you can get your clothes cheaply and treat them as if they’re disposable. Clothing used to be a special treat, not something people could buy as regularly as we do. This new way of buying and making clothing is not good for the environment .

As a relatively tall girl (5’7″) every dress I owns seems to magically become shorter and shorter. In the end it resembles a long shirt.  So I use my amateur sewing skills and create it into a shirt. I also find projects on blogs like A Beautiful Mess and try to create clothing with older items.

I’m trying to be creative and recycle, but it does it frustrating. I am guilty of cheap fashion being a badge of honor. I adore finding a great steal! Especially since I’m a huge thrifter, but along with that I try to donate as much of my clothing as I can. I had no idea until today that donating underwear is the highest value clothing export! As they say in one of my favorite songs, “One man’s trash is another man’s come up.” (Thrift Shop by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis) I now know that I can donate almost EVERYTHING and help reduce the harmful space clothing takes up in landfills. It is frustrating to know that most will not take this simple initiative. Also, I wish people could learn about the fact that quality and creativeness are being sacrificed for money and big business.

If I learned anything today it is to be unique and embrace my own STYLE, instead of what fashion is telling me to buy. That way I can buy wisely and focus on buying quality pieces that can last me a lifetime instead of cheap pieces that can be destroyed after a single wash. That is what the fashion detox is all about? Showing us how to work with the clothing we have-and realizing it’s true value in our lives. Our clothing should express our style..our style should be apart of us and express who we are.