I don’t do well on Black Friday. I never go shopping on this day of “great deals”. It never seems worth it to me, all of the pushing, the waiting, the crowding, the lines…………. the appeal just isn’t there. But cyber Monday you ask? Cyber Monday is more my style. I went into a shopping trance and before i knew it i had  bought 5 shirts and a pair of pants. — over consumption right there. I just love clothes and all the talk about shopping over thanksgiving break, and the pressure to buy on THAT particular day to get the deal gives me anxiety and i end up compulsively buying the clothes. I must purchase the clothes to subdue my anxiety. I also am reading Overdressed by Elizabeth Cline and writing an essay on it. This book has shown me how much of a participant I am in the fast fashion market and I think reading about shopping made me want to shop more..


Cyber monday got the best of me.


The Fashion Detox challenge posed to great a task

for me to conquer.