You guessed it… I could not hold myself together long enough to pass up the great sales. I have never been shopping on black friday before. I was more of a cyber Friday or Monday kind of girl with my mom. I didnt want to face all the mall traffic and craziness.

Well, this year was my first time being at the mall on black Friday. Because I had to work.. that was stressful. It was very busy, not quite as busy as I had expected, but much more busy than the regular Columbia mall traffic. All I wanted to do was spend my paycheck from the day before. When I went on break I stopped in Express to look around. 40% off of EVERYTHING….Everything!!!! Are you kidding me?! I had to get something, I couldnt resist. Especially after not getting to shop this semester. I bought one shirt because I did not have time to try on anything else.

After work I decided to go into American Eagle. Came out with two sweaters I’ve had my eyes on. Those were 40% off too. How could you pass that up?!?

I’m okay with my purchases, I know I want to save money, but I also really wanted those new sweaters. I have bad self-control when it comes to something I absolutely love. I am going to use my next paycheck to buy christmas gifts because I need to get that done. Then hopefully I will still keep my spending habits to a minimum and know that I can go many weeks without buying anything new… maybe…

Until next time!